Strength of Mind

16 10 2014

When last we met, I had recovered from a reaction to one of the chemo drugs I had received and I was just about to start the second round.

My reaction to Ifosfamide was pretty bad the first time.  For the second round of chemo, I still received Ifosfasmide but in a much smaller dose at a much slower rate.  I was doing ok until, all of a sudden, I couldn’t breath.  So I was told to relax until my breathing returned to normal.  Then, my blood pressure dropped so low that the top number was in the 50’s.  Once that returned to normal, an infection was discovered so I was given the standard variety of IV antibiotics. I was in the hospital for 2…long…weeks.  OY!  Finally, I was told Monday I would be discharged. Yay! I had been very patient that entire two weeks, until the last day…


(I just added that for dramatic effect.  Hee hee hee!)

The last day, the day I was to be discharged, the doc comes in and says, “I’m taking you off IV antibiotics and putting you on the pill forms.  We’ll see how you do overnight.”

Let’s just say he’s lucky to be alive.

And I convinced him to discharge me since I had already been on those same meds after discharge a number of times.

We had a nice chat after the blood-letting. The doc reviewed my entire case since arriving in Texas, mostly focusing on the complications I’ve endured.He was the first doctor to give me credit for surviving all of these complications. He commented that I must be strong. I said, “It’s strength of mind”.

I told him two things were probably on my side:  1) being fit before this evil-doer invaded my body, and, 2) striving toward my fairytale life with my darling hubs and children, the family that each of us has wanted.

I told the doc that even while I was in the ICU, unconscious, I envisioned Fred and our girls, as if they were a little pocket of goodness, the goal I was working toward.

Doc even said he believed in strength of mind.  I thought that was pretty cool. Many of you who subscribe to this blog have commented that I am strong and I appreciate those comments very much.  But when a DOCTOR agrees, wow, that’s kinda big.

I am thrilled to be back at Jenny’s house. I feel about as strong as I did when I entered the hospital, which I hope continues. Yesterday, I had blood work done locally and I was able to ditch the wheelchair in favor of my walker the entire time. It was a lot of walking but great physical therapy. Needless to say, I was exhausted and I went to bed by 10pm! LOL

Thank you all for your continued prayers, good wishes and happy vibes.  It means so much to me!  Keep it up, Warrior Peeps!

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3 responses

16 10 2014
Fred McGill III

Without a doubt, you have the mental toughness to stay on top. Keep flexing those brain muscles and show who’s in charge. Go Lisa!

17 10 2014
jean ann

so thankful that God is giving you that strength to keep persevering and never give up! I am so proud of you. also so grateful that you have been discharged and could walk around with a walker! that is such good news.
just waiting for the news that you can come home and we can all see you. what a gift that will be!!!!
love you Lisa Lafferty McGill 🙂

20 10 2014
Judy Anderson

Strength,strength,strength…you are such a strong young lady and a great inspiration. Praying you will soon return home to your beautiful family.

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